This school year, we are offering two programs to target language and literacy.

Children are invited to join each other in a relaxed, small group atmosphere to boost language, literacy and learning through:

  • Fun, teamwork activities
  • Listening to relatable stories that spark imagination
  • Retelling stories and generating their own stories
  • Sharing interests and learning new interests
  • Developing new friendships, confidence and self-satisfaction


Another of our programs targets the underlying difficulties that make your child’s school year so challenging. The Fast ForWord® suite of programs can break the cycle of frustration with learning and reading and help your child perform during  the school year at a significantly higher level.

The program consists of:

  • At-home computer time for 30 minutes per day, plus my weekly consultation with progress and literacy development
  • Cognitive brain training exercises that use age appropriate reading content ranging from early elementary all the way up to high school levels
  • Critical reading and language skill development: spelling, syntax, vocabulary, spelling, critical thinking, and much more
  • After using Fast ForWord®, elementary students get to grade level for year to year promotions, middle school students meet the more rigorous demands of higher reading requirements, and high school students increase their scores on SAT or ACT tests.


I am offering the Fast ForWord® suite of programs and the Language Enrichment Program at your convenience.

Give me a call today if you’d like to get started with either of these programs. I can help you get started very quickly! Please also forward to any family and friends who may be interested.